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Invoca Review

By on July 14, 2018

Before moving further on to the Invoca call intelligence review let’s have a look at this extensively used term ‘call intelligence.’ this is basically the term used by all the marketers that depends upon phone calls, this is an important thing for increasing the revenue of the company.

It provides you with digital marketing tools and detailed data by; optimizing marketing performance, personalizing a caller’s experience, enhancing the overall customer journey and hence expanding your audience reach.

Invoca Call Intelligence Platform -

Invoca allows you to extend the services more than just counting calls; it has showed the actual value of getting engaged with your clients. Invoca also lets you use its call intelligence tools to improve and automate the experience of customers ideally, before, during and even after the call. All this means one thing that the conversion rates would get higher.

It is basically a cloud based call tracking software well supported by machine and artificial intelligence. It helps in collecting insights related to the callers which allows agents to make a profile of the callers and observe their behavior and purpose of calling also judging if they really want to buy from you or not.

Some of the qualities of Invoca that makes it unique are its call routing capabilities. Invoca is currently one of best software available for this purpose (if not geared towards enterprise clients with larger call volume). 

Invoca Call Intelligence Review

How Can Invoca Help You?

Invoca’s call intelligence can help you with various different features like:

  • It helps you in monitoring your campaigns that which one is driving more calls and revenues.
  • It provides every customer with the right experience automatically.
  • It integrates the data from your calls with other marketing technology application you use.
  • It also helps in expanding your reach of audience and driving more quality calls.

Why Should You Use Invoca for Call Intelligence?

Following are some of the reasons that would convince you to choose Invoca:

    1.  Marketing Campaigns Performance

People often only tend to restrict till call tracking which only provides them with basic level of tracking like tracking the source of the call or the journey that lead them to the call the most it can do is track ad or campaigns that lead them to make the call.

Call intelligence however, provides you with much more visibility than call tracking. The difference is that they also capture granular multi touch attribution, demographic data and caller insights and call outcomes.

All of this data can then be used by the marketers to maximize their revenue and optimize their marketing campaigns. It helps you in driving the kind of call you actually want. It has a feature that allows you to integrate the call data across multiple other marketing applications you use this also helps in increasing your profit. Let’s you manage and improve your audience targeting as well as segmentation, landing page, messaging and total marketing spend.

What most marketers need to realize is that just counting calls is not enough for their business what would actually help you I your sales is looking at the results of these calls what they ended up with.

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    2. Personalize Customer Experience

As said before call intelligence is more than just call tracking and data. It lets you use the tools that allows to automate and personalize the experience of customer. By using call intelligence you can efficiently route calls, the basic rules includes: Geolocation, call time, marketing campaign, landing page, new and repeated calls, interest in products, etc.

Improving and personalizing your customer’s experience lets you know if your agents/ employees are doing a good job on focusing upon the right calls. They can make use of the data and call insights that you provide them with so that they can provide the caller with relevant information according to their interests.

    3. Optimizing Customer Journey

Many of the marketers also think that with the end of the call journey of a customer also ends. However, this is not true. Marketers can actually make use of the call intelligence that Invoca provides with to enhance the rest of the customer’s journey. Each and every call is important in the marketing business as it carries a lot of data and information regarding the caller. A very well personalized follow-up message or e-mail can be sent to the caller using the collected data.

By applying call intelligence basically helps in increasing the revenue of the company in return. It is good for both, you and your customer as time is saved for the both of you and the related important data is stored automatically while the customer also easily gets what they came for.


    4. Expanding Audience

The data collected can be used in a million ways; you can expand your audience reach and target a good amount of audiences that are more likely to become buyers. This can be done by integrating call intelligence of Invoca with other marketing platforms you use like, Facebook or Adobe Audience Manager Etc.

In short by using the call intelligence of Invoca you can make sure of your callers intent and other information like why the call was made, how did they call etc this kind of granular data helps you in gaining more and more revenues. When you have a well analyzed data you know the reason of conversion you can use this in optimizing customer’s experience. Other data related to the customer helps in optimizing their before-call, in-call and after-call experience.


The pricing that Invoca provides is also very competitive. As the features it provides within such good prices. It also provides different packages etc. from which its users can easily choose from according to their need. The most best thing Invoca has done is it lets you have a demo of the software without actually buying it, this basically ends the debate of whether to invest in Invoca or not as you can see for yourself through its free demo that the platform is useful for you or not. To know more about the pricing, deals, etc.

Visit its official site by clicking the link down below: