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DialogTech Review

By on July 25, 2018

Before we move on towards DialogTech Call Intelligence review let’s take a look at what Call intelligence really is:

Call intelligence can be defined as the tool or data that marketers use for optimizing their performance in marketing, enhancing the whole customer journey, making the caller’s experience personalized so that they feel satisfied and expanding their audience.

What is DialogTech?

DialogTech is basically Software as a service (SaaS) based company and provides its users with call intelligent tools, call analytics tools and automation tools. It is mostly used by digital agencies, enterprises and other technology based companies. It has an online platform that allows call attribution, call scoring, hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response), calls tracking, call routing along with call management and automated voice notification applications. It has made transparency between the customers and marketing/ sales person etc. possible. This promotes loyalty and enables marketers etc. to generate more and more leads. They get to control each and every conversation as well which lets them create new business easily. The range of people DialogTech serves includes E-commerce clients, financial services, health care providers, etc.

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Many argue that DialogTech is the best especially for marketing, sales and other digital agencies. It introduces itself as a voice management platform and has the best call intelligence tools available which helps its customer in optimizing their marketing and increasing their ROI (Return on Investment). It also provides its users with call attribution which lets them know the source of their received call. Other than this it also provides with important call tracking data, detailed yet comprehensively put together report which it sorts for urgent use.

DialogTech’s important features include virtual receptionist, voice broadcasting, call tracking, virtual call center and call center. Since DialogTech is the best call intelligence providing platform available it provides its customers in delivering a personalized call experience, growth of contacts, optimized calls etc. it has even reduced its cost per call or conversation just for the marketers so that they can invest in the campaigns that they think would do good without hesitating.

It has empowered marketers to invest in what they think would work best and is beneficial for them, letting them go with their intuitions. It helped them by providing them with all the available data related to the callers so that they are able to make their customers happy and satisfied. So basically DialogTech is a very efficient call intelligence platform.

How DialogTech is Beneficial?

Let’s take a look at the benefits that DialogTech provides as a call intelligence platform.

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DialogTech provides you with the best kind of call attribution for each call so that you have a complete attribution data of every call and you are able to use that in order to optimize your revenue and website experience that more and more customers get attracted and your conversion rates increase as well. It measures how your campaigns are working by looking at the calls and customers generated from those calls. There are various sources that can drive the call marketing channel, ad creative, search keywords, adtech/ martech data, etc. when you know this and information about the calls for e.g. name, day and time of the call, phone number, location, what happened during the call, call history etc. you can use all this for your benefit.

Personalizing Call Experience

We all know that phone calls are the most important asset for marketers, etc. so DialogTech is helping its customers by providing them with tools so that they can optimize their customer experience and get more and more customers. Phone calls are a great way of engaging with the customers. DialogTech makes this better for you. It helps in determining if a caller is qualified lead or not and then routes the call to the best available and suited agent, these agents make use of the insights that they already have about that caller for a better and personalized conversation with them which might lead them to a successful deal.

Increasing ROI (Return on Investment)

DialogTech lets you analyze the overall call experience like what happened before, during and after the call. It helps in capturing the important data like what conversation was like during the call, what was said when the call was answered and what the result of that call was. DialogTech have special Analytics tools that helps in scoring each call and important insights are captured for e.g. where the call went, what was said, call duration, if the call converts or not, etc. all of this is used for increasing ROI of the company by analyzing them marketers are able to make important decisions.

Marketing Tools

DialogTech lets you integrate with your CRM and other marketing tools so that you have a complete picture of your customer’s activity, what their behavior is online and what they do offline on call. This helps in the most important part of marketing, customer engagement. It lets you optimize and analyze each call, phone conversations, etc.

One of its marketing tools include Google Ads Extension Technology, this is basically click to call buttons that you see on Google ads. This is so convenient for both, the marketer as well as the customer. Customers just have to click on the button and they get connected with an agent while the marketers have their own set of benefits. They are also able to see which of the keywords is generating more calls.

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To sum up, DialogTech’s main features that should be highlighted includes, marketing attribution, call attribution, hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response), custom insights, customer journey optimization, integrations and many more. These are the most important features that make DialogTech unique in the field of call intelligence. After having a review at its features there is certainly no harm in saying that DialogTech s the best and provides with the best.


DialogTech have a competitive price range, it provides its customer with so many features and there is so much to choose from. Its price suit what it sells. For more details regarding DialogTech and its pricing you can visit their website directly at:

DialogTech: AI Call Tracking & Analytics for Marketers