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CallRail Review

By on June 26, 2018

Many people might have heard the term Call Intelligence, often. The term means a platform that provides marketers an optimized ROI (Return on Investment) and their customers a personalized experience and also expands their overall audience reach. It even lets you track down the calls’ source that whether they are from website or some other offline source. The platform also provides you with various other analytics to make the customer’s experience good and they become one of your satisfied clients. The knowledge that these analytics and call tracking tools provide you with is uneatable you can use it for maximizing your sales and monitor you ad budget as well. You can have an individual data of each of your campaign source/ channel.

Call intelligence has become one of the most important tools these days for everyone, whether it is small business, large businesses or call centers. With the increasing need there are many call intelligence platform available now for this purpose. One of the best platforms available is CallRail.

You should definitely choose CallRail if you want efficiently working platform. It lets you track and analyze all the calls that you receive. It gives you a complete data regarding the sources that which one is running the best and which ones are in active. CallRail is very easy to use because it has a very easy setup. It has various other features that make it one of the best. It is number one in identifying channels which are doing efficient marketing. CallRail is there to give you a perfect experience.

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CallRail’s call analytics should really be appreciated they have push down the boundaries and set up an example about the things that can be done by using its call analytics. It has help understand many companies, agencies and businesses etc. that what their outcome is from each of the campaigns.

In short CallRail has made it possible for even small businesses to work with call analytics and call data due to its easy cloud based setup it has become popular among the small businesses especially. Even let’s user have the advantage of keyword level tracking. Companies etc. are widely using CallRail for increasing their ROI (Return on investment) and sales etc. so let’s take a look at its feature and what it actually is by having a CallRail Call Intelligence Review.

Call Intelligence with CallRail – A Review

CallRail is a cloud based call intelligence platform that have advanced and efficient call tracking and analytics tool. It is especially famous among data driven marketers. It provides marketers with such analytics tools which makes it possible for them to coach their staff. Its call tracking lets you identify the source of the call whether online or offline, it also has keyword level tracking. All of this helps is measuring the revenue of your business. It has a call recording feature that identified qualified leads. CallRail lets its marketers provide their customer with a personalized call experience.

Some other tools that CallRail provides marketers with are: managing multiple locations, clients and companies from a single platform. It lets you set up tracking number easily with no wastage of time this helps in monitoring the overall customer journey of the callers. It has a call flow feature which has made it possible to custom call routes.

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What Does CallRail Provide for Caller Intelligence?

Now that you have a general idea of the call intelligence platform that CallRail is you might be wondering what does it offers to its customers and why should you choose it? Following are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider CallRail:

Inbound Call Tracking

CallRail is making a revolution by its new ways, this new changes are changing the marketing businesses and the results are better than anyone else. CallRail realizes that many businesses do not know the real value of phone calls so they help them know the worth of it.

CallRail is said to bring revolution because before it was introduced call tracking was much expensive and complex that no small businesses used it. However, now CallRail has made it possible for everyone to use the tracking and many other features at a small cost.

It has made it possible for even small businesses to understand where their customers are coming from and what the campaigns that are generating more calls are. This information is especially valuable for small businesses as they don’t have large sums of money for investment. In this way they can invest wisely.

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Call Attribution

This feature has made it easier to have an effective inbound communication experience. This has made it possible for the marketers to know which of their keywords and campaigns are generating more calls. CallRail also allows them a multi-channel call attribution so that they are able to have a complete and efficient analysis of the phone calls that are generated from multiple ad campaigns. It lets them know the whole customer journey, what the caller did before they called and what they are doing during and after the call. In short helps you complete the whole picture.


Call Analytics Dashboard

It is one of the most advanced features that CallRail offers. It is a Call Analytics Dashboard which has all the data about each calls and callers. What it does is, it makes it possible for the marketers to visualize the trends which then help them in understanding the performances of their campaigns. A visitor timeline is shown as well which carries all the details regarding the visitor like the time and duration of call, what they browse, whole history etc.


Features of CallRail

  • Call recording
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Agency call tracking
  • Quick setup
  • Keyword Call Tracking
  • AdWords call tracking
  • Dynamic Website Call Tracking
  • Static & Offline Call Tracking
  • In-Depth Caller Context
  • Custom call flows
  • Local and Toll-free numbers (US and Canada)
  • Visitor & Keyword-Level Tracking
  • Campaign-Level Call Tracking
  • Multi-Channel Call Attribution
  • Call Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Notifications
  • Visitor Timeline
  • Call Scheduling
  • Interactive Menus
  • SMS/Voicemail
  • Call Follow Up
  • Lead Capture

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The price that CallRail provides with is also very competitive for further more info you can visit their webpage: