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Call Intelligence In the Digital World!

By on November 29, 2018

Call Tracking for Dummies

Call and queries have always helped a business grow. Who doesn’t want to know the right supply or the right pricing for their business? Every sensible business owner does want to know how to keep their business in good shape on grounds and the digital world.


Call tracking helps your representative to rebuttal faster than usual, you know what the customer wants and your customer doesn’t have to get skeptical while waiting for the answer he/she wants to hear. Call tracking enables you to communicate better with your customers on calls and on the digital networks. Your data represents the right search keywords that your callers have been using, resulting in better performance.

How is Call Intelligence different from Call Tracking?

People mostly confuse call tracking with call intelligence. Although they are similar in some cases but Call Intelligence is a lot more than call tracking is with regard to pay per call marketing. Both facilities do generate the trail of the call, but call tracking tell you about the keywords that drove you to the call and all the marketing efforts in community forums.


Call Intelligence can tell all this information too plus important information for the customers in affiliated forums. Like, what actually happened during the call. Marketers would like to know if there calls are converted into leads and Call Intelligence can do that using call analytics. Infact Call Intelligence can provide you the complete demographics of the caller by using call filters by using the filters like caller’s location, caller’s age and even the marketing forum that drove the caller to make the call.


Call Intelligence can read or make meaning of any kind of language used by their callers in the affiliated community.


Role of Call Intelligence


The role of call intelligence in pay per call is that it has revolutionize the way calls are made in the marketing forums and way marketers view them. Now let’s take an example of a customer’s who’s willing to buy a house. He’s going to look around for months in the marketing forums and then contact your agent in the affiliated community. If he contacts you through the website you’ll probably covered that up by automated response and closely monitor process by the internet manager but when they get to you through call and intelligence in the pay per call forum.


Now we all know that phones have a better lead that the internet. And we also know that no. of phone leads have increased in recent years with customers in the marketing forum using their cell phones to do the research and giving you a call straight away to the pay per call marketing forum community rather than filling out a form on the website.


Simple calls don’t have the accountability to provide with everything you need in the marketing forum but Call Intelligence in pay per call changes everything.


However, call managers foresees all the call volumes and also how many calls have been missed and whether or not the missed calls have been return to the customers, which helps the customers to quickly realize if they have a issue that can be solved by making an inbound call.

Call Intelligence and Marketing!

Call Intelligence provides you with the graphical reports of all the call data which you can even save and use to make your marketing campaigns better and productive than before. Call Intelligence is the answer to the point where customer and consumer converge, better understand of the statistics and data of customers, results in better ROI.


This allows for immediate, proactive action to be taken whilst the customer is still on their journey, in turn heightening their buying or brand experience. Thus, resulting in better call flow optimization and better remarks for your call agents, boosting up their skills and marketing grasp.


Call flow optimization helps you to analyze your calls better, another tool defined by call intelligence. Now if your customer is calling from a pay per click ad, they already seem to be quite interested, interested enough to make the call, now it is up to your agent to lock the deal and secure the lead.


Call Intelligence targets speeding up the sales cycle, allowing the use of social outreach to boost loyalty, and it has hooked up various platforms for analytics and automation to make the customer’s buying experience as personalised, relevant and most efficient as possible.


Before stepping up your investments in marketing, pay a visit to your marketing channels, revitalizing your marketing channels is as important as marketing itself, knowing where your compatible audience lies, which campaign is paying off better and how to accelerate your ROI is something you should be well aware of. Localizing your callers to accurate routes and analysing conversations is the best way to locate where your caller decided to give you call.


The best way to optimize your market study is to put together your sales and market; your investment on advertisements and the return you received. Here you can truly understand which campaigns are fruitful to you and which need amendments. Direct feedback from customers is vital to your market study, knowing the product which sold most and popular demand is essential to analyze keywords which caused the lead.


Call industry is expected to grow dramatically in the upcoming years and inbound call feature to a business is considered of great value, which will result in more efficient clients calling your business this year!


The learn more about how to use call intelligence to improve results and get more leads, visit, the exclusive pay per call marketing forum.