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Breaking Down Call Intelligence for Your Business

By on September 7, 2018

Marketer or not, we have all been purchasers of different products or services in our life. If we look at our behaviour while shopping or searching for something online we want a reliable and safe service provider or vendor and of course everyone likes a little bit of ease in their life, so that. How do we get that safe and reliable feel? Remember all the times you ever called a business for making a purchase or for other registrations etc. the over-all call experience is what we judge from. So the more comfortable, personal and helpful your customer services and your customer’s call experience is the more chance are there that they will contact you back for your services or finalize the product deal.

Phone calls have become really important from the past couple of years and we all know the reason of that, smartphones. The number of calls that people make to businesses every year is approximately more than 80 million. As researches have shown the statistics that especially millennials even though, do all their product and service research online but when it comes to buying any product or going for a service that you have for them, they need a human on the line. Meaning, they want to have a human assurance and interaction rather than a machine talking to them. After click to call the number of calls has increased to a greater proportion as the entire process has become so easy to access. Imagine! You just have to make a click to get connected with the business.

But with all these calls comes another thing. How would you keep a track of everything? Manually it is impossible to handle and we all know that. There was a time when marketers had to suffer because of all the lost data and valuable information but not anymore.

Call tracking, a major part of call intelligence, is a technology that many pay per call networks provide for your pay per call ad campaigns. It lets one see the entire customer’s journey from online website visits to offline phone call. You get to see everything for example, what pages they visited, what ads they clicked up on, time and day, location of the caller, and so much more. With some pay per call networks (like: Ringba) they even let you know the result of the call.

When marketers know what is making their phone ring they can do so much with it. They would be able to attribute their agents and sales revenue to that specific campaign that is making them the most profit. Their ROI increases in turn.

This aspect of call intelligence is known but if we look at it statistically very few marketers make real use of it. They often overlook this technology that they can benefit so much from. Call intelligence is something of the new era of marketing and everyone should take advantage from it.

What is Call Intelligence?

Let’s take a look at its meaning.

Through call intelligence valuable insights are connected to the phone calls of the customers and the overall result is a complete picture of their entire journey.

It lets you integrate visitor level of call tracking to other call intelligent platforms to get the most out of it. It lets marketers and advertisers make an informed decision regarding their campaigns looking at the sales and everything.

When marketers plug in these valuable data you are able to generate a much more detailed, accurate and targeted campaign and get more and more customers. The target now is not only to get a big volume of phone calls, marketers are looking for something that gets them qualified leads that actually buy from them.

Routing has also been made easy after all these captured data. The most appropriate agent is connected to the caller by looking at the history of their web visit, their location, marketing source, basic caller profile, etc.

Personalization for customer’s experience is the key to get success for any business in today’s world. Even after you have got the caller to buy your product or service you can use their information and data in generating a targeted and successful campaign in the future ahead. If you keep up with the pace and use call intelligence you will see the increase in your ROI in no time.

Why is it Important to Use Call Intelligence?

First of all, it makes your call relevant.

When a customer calls their buying intent is already high because no one has that kind of time in today’s busy world.

So, all that is left to be done is make their call experience so wonderful that they don’t have second thoughts regarding your product or services.

With call intelligence you can use the captured insights and data to enhance your customer’s experience. And it is good for you financially as well because you get to cut down on the marketing spend and focus on the true lead generating channels.

Like we said earlier we have all been there and experienced the pain of being a buyer. We all know how bad it looks and feel to have a scripted IVR talk to us. There is no personal interaction. Use this! Make your caller’s experience as relevant as possible. This is the only reason people are hesitant to shop online.

For achieving great level of success you should try and track your callers along with your campaigns and don’t forget to integrate your call intelligence with other marketing platforms available.

We are not saying that phone call is everything and that call tracking along with call intelligence is all you need to improve your ROI, but it surely is a very important aspect in the entire customer journey and you should not overlook it.

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