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By on July 3, 2018

Let’s have a look at what call intelligence is first. It is a tool that marketers and advertisers use for the perfect marketing experience. This lets them provide their customer with a personalized call experience, an optimized marketing experience to enhance the customer’s journey and expanding the overall audience reach etc. this includes call tracking, call attribution etc.

Call intelligence lets you have an access over advanced and detailed data of the caller and the calls. Some call intelligent platforms like Retreaver also provides the data according to tags, they tag the data which makes it easier to access them and integrate it directly on other sites or tools the company is using. This tagging lets you deliver insights instantly.

Since we now know what call intelligence is you would probably be thinking why do businesses need one?

A call intelligence platform brings many benefits to the marketing and advertising. It is a very valued tool for companies. It serves a company for various purposes and there is no debate on its efficiency. For marketers this is a very important factor since it enables them to collect data, track call, attribute calls etc. and with all these insights they make progress in their business.

Now, how does it work? Most important thing is its collect and detailed data/ reports regarding the calls and the callers. It lets you have a complete picture of your client/ caller. It takes care of their actions before, during and after the call for a personalized call experience. All these individual level data is there for the marketer to help them satisfy their customers and treat them well.

As mentioned above Retreaver is one of the advanced call intelligence platform available these days. Let’s have a look at Retreaver call intelligence review:

Retreaver Call Intelligence Review

We all know that Retreaver is a call intelligence tool so before moving on further to discuss its feature lets have a look at it as a whole.

It is a call intelligence platform that provides marketers, agencies, big and small businesses etc. with its unique services so that they can ensure their customer journey to be excellent and personalized. It also helps them in understanding the whole journey which helps them in many ways.

It is a cloud based platform. Its major features include call tracking and routing the calls to specific agent or department and provide a detailed call data through tagging. Through this data you can measure your campaign performance easily and even determine your revenues. The Retreaver tool is so smart that it has an advanced feature which lets you have a pre-screen of your personalized leads or conversation on the phone or website.

Retreaver is a very unique technology and it has made it easier to have personalized and relevant campaigns and conversations with the clients. It lets you access valuable insights and other details regarding the callers. This means having a personal touch in every conversation of yours with the clients, isn’t that amazing?

How Does Retreaver Provide Call Intelligence?

Retreaver lets you have a very good and personalized experience with the following important features:

Retreaver Campaign Creation Screenshot - Call Intelligence Reviews

Call Tracking

One of the most important features that call intelligence has to offer is call tracking for building up insights from the calls. It lets you have information regarding your campaigns that which of them are effective. Through call tracking you can see what your customer look up before they dial for call, like the ads they or sites they clicked and visited etc. This information is then used to see the results of the call. This helps marketers know their customers more, that what kinds of advertisement is gaining more audience’s interest. Call tracking not only allows you to get information regarding the clicks and ads it also lets you monitor which of the ads are working and driving more calls etc.

Increased Revenue

Retreaver has this amazing quality where it lets you know the running ad campaigns on your site and not only that it lets you identify which campaign or products are getting more sales or calls. With this set of information marketers are able to make great decision, for e.g. if one of the campaigns are not running well and are unable to get you enough calls than the one which is driving good traffic to your site you should choose the latter and invest more in it.

Retreaver Inbound Call Tracking - Call Intelligence Reviews

Performance Manager

Basically with this technology any of the national or local calls can be tracked or attributed so that even local businesses are able to understand the customer’s journey. Retreaver is the perfect platform for that, it lets you see the progress of your company by showing you the details of the calls like its source, what made the caller call, how was the conversation etc. with Retreaver you are sure to find the source of your success. Especially when you are running multiple campaigns you would want to know the source that is generating the most calls and Retreaver lets you do that. To manage the performance of your ad campaigns Retreaver, a call intelligence platform, measures both online and offline sources and then get you a relative result so that you are able to better your services and campaigns.

In short Call Intelligence is a great tool that brings in clarity to your business and lets you view the source of your success and get you an optimized ROI (Return on Investment).

Retreaver Dashboard - Call Intelligence Reviews

Pricing of Retreaver

Retreaver provides with three packages that are very feasible. They have something for everyone.

  1. The Basic:  It is $19 per month with usage fees.

The features it provides within this price are:

  • Landing Page Display
  • Number Pools
  • Ring Groups
  • Interactive Voice Responce
  • International Numbers

      2.  The Professional: It is $99 per month with usage fees.

The features it provides are:

  • Sub accounts
  • Call recordings
  • Dynamic phone numbers
  • Geo Routing

     3.  The Enterprise: it is a customized deal with custom prices and features according to your need.

For further more information upon the feature and pricings of Retreaver visit their website at:

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